28 Simple Male Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You To Get One

Are you looking for ideas for a male tattoo that suits you? Here we present 28 male tattoo ideas for all styles and tastes. Whether to express a feeling or others to express your convictions, achievements, memories, and much more, tattooing is the best way to do this.

There is an infinity of tattoos; the most popular designs refer to the attributes of courage, strength, determination, persistence, and power, such as athletic animals, skulls, samurai, comic heroes, anchors, dragons, crowns, and angels.

However, the wave of minimalist tattoos, phrases, geometric shapes, and lines conquered a captive audience, inspiring many people. There are many models, designs, colors, and formats to make under your skin.

No, You can always find a tattoo model that matches your preferences, regardless of your reason for getting a tattoo. There are a lot of exciting tattoo ideas available for men, for instance. Some of them are presented here!

T-heart-on-arm performance

The heart tattoo is rising, leaving something more familiar and going for something more elaborate, bringing a unique and inspiring design. Heart tattoos symbolize love, passion, adoration, pain, health, and more.

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skull tattoo

Another male tattoo that is quite successful is the skull, which for many, has a dark meaning. Still, tattooing ahead means that you are fearless, do not fear death or the battles of life, and understand that everything in life is transitional.

skull tattoo

geometric tattoo

Geometric tattooing is a popular style and has gained fame for making unique or interlocking shapes, most commonly circles, triangles, and squares. The result is fantastic and very different.

Geometric tattoo design

feather tattoo

If you are looking for a male tattoo that brings lightness, dreams, courage, and hope, the feather tattoo is a great bet and can be combined with other elements to make a unique design.

feather tattoo design

flower tattoo on the arm

Choosing a flower to tattoo your skin can be a great choice with different meanings depending on the type of flower you choose. It is a versatile choice that works well for a male tattoo, combined with other elements to form part of the tattoo design.

flower tattoo

Map tattoo on the wrist

For many, this tattoo style for men can represent their love for a world to discover.

map tattoo

phrase tattoos for men

Men’s phrase tattoos are an addiction. Songs, phrases from movies, psalms, sayings… The best thing is that being small, this type of tattoo can be very cheap and elegant.

phrase tattoo design

male scorpion tattoo

Tattoos of scorpions for men can have both positive and negative meanings. While the scorpion means emotion, depth, protection, and magic, it can symbolize betrayal, jealousy, and revenge.

scorpion tattoo design

male back tattoo

If you are looking for male back tattoo ideas but haven’t found anything, this is a great choice to get a simple tattoo representing security and true friendship.

male back tattoo

whale tattoo

Getting a whale tattoo can be a very positive thing. The whale, in essence, represents power, authority, dominance, and supremacy because of its size.

whale tattoo design

dog tattoo on the arm

Dog tattoos, for many fans of body painting, are the embodiment of courage and devotion. At all times, the dog was a faithful servant of its owner, resulting from which the four-legged animal was forever called a friend of man.

dog tattoo design

forearm snake tattoo

Among the best known is the idea of ​​renewal and rebirth, about these animals shedding their skin. In addition, the snake tattoo also represents a life force and an adventurous spirit.

snake tattoo design

Tree tattoo gives life.

It represents a profound and personal symbol. It means all your growth as a human being, life’s difficulties overcome by essential people who crossed your path, and your connection with the spiritual, earthly, and beyond.

tree tattoo design

T medusa performance on the leg

The jellyfish is a mythological creature that has come to be represented in various forms and styles; the jellyfish tattoo is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an imaginary representation to mark on their skin.

male elephant tattoo

The elephant is a potent symbol representing good luck, wisdom, persistence, determination, solidarity, sociability, friendship, companionship, memory, longevity, and power. It is interesting to note that in both Asia and Africa, the elephant represents sovereign power.

elephant tattoo design

character tattoo

Male character tattoos are super popular, and we can see character fans everywhere; it’s an excellent way to represent a character that marked your childhood or something else.

hourglass tattoo for men

This tattoo is a perfect idea for anyone looking for a tattoo full of meaning, as it can represent the passage of time and the transition from life to death, as well as continuous movement, patience, and starting over.

music tattoo

The music tattoo is perfect for anyone who cannot live without their soundtrack. No matter where your love for music started, getting a music tattoo is always a great idea; it will represent something with a beautiful meaning.

religion tattoo

Religious tattoos can have different meanings depending on the religion. A tattoo to represent your faith can be a great choice.

T-neck butterfly performance

The butterfly tattoo represents happiness, beauty, inconstancy, the transience of nature, and renewal.

angel tattoo on the arm

Angels symbolize protection and can still refer to innocence, spirituality, and divine beauty.

male owl tattoo

The owl can symbolize wisdom, of course, but also intelligence and connection with the mystical. And it can be represented in many ways, and with a lot of creativity, it can be an excellent tattoo.

male wolf tattoo

Symbol of loyalty, intelligence, and courage, the wolf tattoo has become very popular in recent years. With an infinite variety of strokes currently available, it is possible to make tattoos in watercolor, geometric, and double exposure, among others.

greek mythology tattoo

It is a very sought-after male tattoo for having a symbol of fertility, courage, leadership, and strength, among other qualities men wanted.

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