5 Best Tattoo Machines For Lining

A tattoo artist’s biggest problem is choosing suitable tattoo machines for lining art. The tattoo-making machines are designed to produce precise and clean lines in tattoos, which is necessary for creating the foundation of a successful and unique tattoo. 

Being an artist choosing the best tattoo-making machines for lining can be overwhelming; in this post, we will provide a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision. Many options and devices are available for tattoo-making machines for the lining. 

However, the top five best tattoo-making machines are some of the best options available. Each instrument is unique in its way and has a lot of aspects that make it stand out from the rest. Here are some best tattoo machines available in the market. 


  1. FK Spectra Xion 
  2. DragonHawk Pro Kit
  3. Bishop Rotary’s wand 
  4. Mummy Wireless Rotary Pen 
  5. Tattoo Gun Cast 10x Laps Coils Tattoo Machine 

1: FK Spectra Xion: Our Recommended tattoo machine for lining

FK SpectraXion is one of the best rotary tattoo-making machines that is considered one of the best machines for the lining. It is an all-in-one tattoo-making machine that Can be used for lining, shading, and colouring. 

The device is lightweight, easy to use, and has a comfortable grip. The device has a powerful motor allowing smooth and consistent needle movement. It comes with a needle depth adjustment which helps in creating unique art. 

Fk Rotary tattoo machine for lining

All-in-one machine

Lightweight and easy to use

Powerful motor

Needle depth adjustment 


A bit pricey 


Overall, the SpectraXion is an excellent machine for any tattoo artist looking for a high-quality and versatile machine. Although it is a bit expensive, its features make it worth the investment. 

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2:DragonHawk Pro Kit: Perfect Choice as a tattoo pen

Dragonhawk Pro kit is another rotary tattoo pen that is great for lining. The shape of the pen provides accurate and stable performance and has a lightweight frame. It also has a comfortable grip, making it easy to use for long hours. 

The tattoo pen kit also has a powerful motor for smooth and precise needle movement. It also has a needle depth adjustment that helps produce consistent and clean tattoo lines. 

Dragon Hawk rotary pen tattoo machine

Stable and accurate performance

Lightweight and comfortable grip

Powerful motor for Smooth and consistent needle movement

Needle depth adjustment 



Durability issues 


The DragonHawk is the best option for tattoo artists looking for a reliable, high-performing, versatile machine for the lining. 

3:Bishop Rotary Wand: Best tattoo machine for lining and shading

The Bisop Rotary wand is a popular choice for many tattoo artists. It’s a high-quality machine that can be used for lining, shading, filling, and colouring. The device is lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to grip. The Bishop Rotary wand machine has a powerful motor that allows for smooth and consistent needle movement and a needle depth adjustment that helps create precise and clean art. 

Bishop Rotary Wand tattoo machine

High-quality performing

Versatile machine for lining, shading, filling, and colouring

Easy to use and lightweight

Powerful motor

Needle depth adjustment for precise and clean art lines. 




The Bishop Rotary Wand is an excellent investment for any tattoo artist who wants a high-quality performing machine. However, it is expensive, so that it may be the best choice for those on a budget. 

4. Mummy Wireless Rotary Pen 

Mummy Wireless Rotary pen is a wireless tattoo-making machine perfect for lining. This device is for artists devoted to having a wireless device. The machine is lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable for long-lasting periods. It has a powerful motor that allows smooth and consistent needle movement, which is necessary for clean lines. 

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit

Wireless design

Easy to use and comfortable grip



Smooth and consistent needle 


Battery life may not last enough for larger tattoos 


This machine is the best choice for an artist who wants a wireless device for the lining. However, it has helpful features even though its battery life may only last for a short time for larger tattoos. 

5. Tattoo Gun Cast 10x Laps Coils Tattoo machine 

This machine is a traditional coil tattoo-making machine that is great for lining. It has a classic design and is made of high-quality materials, which makes it durable and long-lasting. 

Tattoo Gun Cast 10 Laps Coils Tattoo Machine

Classic design

High-quality material for durability

Creating precise lines with smoothness

Powerful motor

Consist needle movement 


It may not be as comfortable for larger tattoos as other machines. 


This tattoo-making machine is one of the perfect choices for an artist who prefers traditional coil machines for the lining. It has a classical design made of high-quality material, making it long-lasting and durable. However, it may not be as comfortable to use for long-lasting ages as other machines. This machine still is the choice of many artists. 

Buying guide: 

As a Tattoo Artist, when you buy a tattoo-making machine for lining, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you choose the best machine for your needs. Here are some very 

Essential factors to consider: 

  • Type of machine
  • Needle depth adjustment
  • Motor power
  • Comfortable to use
  • Price Set a budget and look for a machine that meets your needs within your price range. 


Choosing the best tattoo-making machine for lining is a pivotal problem for any tattoo artist who wants to create precise and clean lines in the tattoo. Each device has its unique Features and advantages. It’s necessary to consider factors such as the type of machine, needle depth adjustment, motor, comfort, and price when choosing the product.

 Each tattoo-making machine in this article offers a unique point that makes them stand out, including the spectra Xion, Dragon Hawk, Bishop Rotary Wand, Mummy Wireless rotary pen, and Tattoo Gun Cast 10x Laps Coils. 

Tattoo-making machines are all great lining options, each with pros and cons. Whether it’s the wireless design of the mummy wireless rotary pen or the classic coil design of the tattoo gun cast 10x laps coils tattoo machine.

 Eventually, the best machine will depend on your preferences and requirements, as considering factors is essential. By considering these factors in the buying guide and choosing one of the top 5 tattoo gun kits listed in this article, you can be confident in creating successful tattoos that meet the expectations of your valuable clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a liner and a shader machine?

The liner machine is for clean and precise lines, while the shader machine is for shading and colouring larger areas of the tattoos. 

Can I use the Same machine for drawing and shading?

Some devices are designed for drawing and shading; however, I suggest using separate machines to ensure optimal performance.

How often should I replace the needles on my lining machines? 

Its recommended to replace the needles after each use to ensure hygiene. If you are interested in buying any tattoo machines listed in this article, one of the most reliable options is to buy from Amazon. To buy a tattoo-making machine from Amazon, originally type for the specific product and add it to your cart.

Also, read the product descriptions and reviews from other customers to help you make an informed decision before buying a product. Amazon also offers fast shipping options, so you can receive your machine quickly and start creating amazing tattoos. 

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