How To Fix Failed Tattoo Mistakes

failed tattoo mistake

Despite spelling errors, jagged lines, and improvised drawings, it is a fact that failed tattoos do exist. Whether you consider your tattoo a failure from the start or that you no longer find it to your liking over time, the conclusion is the same: you no longer want to see it. 

But how to make up for a failed tattoo? What are the solutions to get rid of it permanently? Here are some avenues to explore.

Get your failed tattoo made up for by the (best tattoo artist)

The first option available to you in the event of a failed tattoo: have it made up for by a better tattoo artist. If your tattoo is okay, this option is the right one for you if you still like the idea and need to redo a few lines and a few flat areas of color to transform everything. It is also if the latter fails because of a lack of maintenance of the tattoo

For example, it’s a perfect solution if you find the rose tattooed for you failed because it needs to be red enough. You would have preferred it to be more open or even. After all, you would have liked a more accurate drawing. 

Getting a failed tattoo made up by another tattoo artist is usually cost-effective. The touch-up session should take little time, and your new tattoo artist won’t have to create an entirely new design. 

Our advice is to find the right tattoo artist for this project! It’s not just about finding an artist whose style you like; you’ll need to find one used to the particular exercise that is failed tattoo repair! 

So take the time to find the rare pearl, and don’t hesitate to go to events around tattooing; these are excellent opportunities to meet professionals from all over the world. 

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fix failed tattoo

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Cover the failed tattoo with another tattoo

Covering up a failed tattoo with a giant, better-looking one, also known as a “cover-up,” is a tried and true technique for making up for a failed one. Still, you must be prepared to go for a larger and often darker piece than you want. We had at the start. 

In addition, having to cover an older tattoo entirely is an additional constraint for the tattoo artist, which implies that: 

  • You will not be free to choose the pattern you like: specific details will indeed have to be considered according to the tattoo to be camouflaged (color intensity, filling, shading, etc.);
  • You will need to find a tattoo artist whose style you like AND who can offer you a suitable new tattoo.

Opting for a cover means choosing a giant, darker, and generally fuller tattoo: challenging to cover a black skull with an openwork mandala! 

cover up tattoo

Retouching a tattoo that has flared up

A tattoo is said to have flared up when the skin has leaked some ink. This process is quite normal during healing but should usually stop as soon as recovery is complete. Sometimes a tattoo fuses after this step, which can either mean that it was done poorly or that you did not care for it properly during the healing process. 

A tattoo flared up is a less pretty tattoo, which can be considered a failure. A few simple touch-ups at your tattoo artist should be enough to solve the problem! 

If you need help with the skills of your original tattoo artist, feel free to change them!

how to fix failed tattoo

Getting a failed tattoo removed

The last option to make up for a failed tattoo: obliterate it. Suppose you don’t want to see it, and the idea of ​​covering it up with another design doesn’t appeal to you. In that case, you have no solution but to resort to tattoo removal. Today there are several techniques for removing a tattoo, but the medical community approves only the laser. 

The laser technique for removing a failed tattoo is now quite well mastered. It is a question of making a burst; thanks to the laser, the colored pigments lodged in your skin. The debris is then naturally eliminated by the body over time. It takes several sessions to remove a tattoo and have a sufficient budget; tattoo removal can cost several thousand euros for huge tattoos.

Lactic acid is the other technique to remove a tattoo, but doctors discourage it. A solution of lactic acid is injected into the skin, bringing the pigments to the skin’s surface until they are extracted. This method is practiced in a beauty salon.

It is often advised because it is necessary to inject a foreign chemical solution into the body, which can cause more or less severe complications and a fortiori when the gesture is not performed by medical personnel.

how to remove failed tattoo

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