10 Tips-How To Come Up With Tattoo Ideas

how to come up with tattoo ideas

The meanings of tattoos are as diverse as their carriers. Thanks to modern techniques and the further development of tattoo colors, every two-dimensional motif in photo quality can now be brought to the skin. The basic requirements for beautiful tattoos are Good tattoo artists, proper skin care, and creative motif ideas. “I would like a tattoo, and I just don’t know what to get stuck!” – To avoid accidentally saying this, here are ten tips to inspire your decision.

1. Memory or body jewelry?

First of all, you should think honestly about the reason you want to have a new tattoo. Do you want a Souvenir? Create one message Send or just one. Aesthetically decorate the body part. The reasons for a tattoo request can be varied. A large and visible tattoo should be taken into account and well maintained.

Memory or body jewelry

All tattoo categories at a glance

    • Sleeves and large-scale tattoos: Conspicuous statements with artistic value.
    • Fun and friendship tattoos: Spontaneous little things on inconspicuous parts of the body.
    • Cubist patterns: The tattoo as a fashion accessory.
    • Colored motifs: Mostly inspired by personal experiences and preferences (symbols for people, books, places, etc.).

2. Caution about tattoo trends

Tattoo trends come and go like all fashion symptoms-however, the tattoos remain. So that you do not feel like most “ass consecration” and tribal tattoo wearers from the late 1990s and early 2000s, do not try to emulate every tattoo trend and be creative When choosing motifs.

tattoo trends

3. Which colors fit you?

Tattoo color cannot be put off like clothing after stinging. Determine your tattoos and your external appearance And should therefore match you and your personality in terms of color.

4. Traditional tattoos and characters

Tattoo traditions from abroad are exciting and interesting. Out of respect for foreign cultures, however, you should only choose exotic motifs to which you have a reference. Religious and political motives may look beautiful, but they also change your outdoor effect and how certain people treat you.

5. Foreign languages

Foreign languages ​​should only adorn your skin if you understand them too. Check German and English sayings before tattooing spelling mistakes to avoid harmful mistakes and embarrassment. If you are a travel fan or feel connected to a particular culture, a foreign-language tattoo is an excellent way always to have your second home with you.

6. Connection personal with aesthetic

What is important to you in life? Remember that everybody’s jewelry is also a message when choosing a tattoo motif. Do you have something to say or want to keep an important note? Combine your passion With your body jewelry, So it is guaranteed that you will still like your tattoo after years.

7. Finger away from catalog motifs

If you want an individual tattoo that can not be copied, do without the Google image search or example motifs From tattoo catalogs and magazines. Prepared standard motifs do not delight the tattoo artist or viewers’ eye.

8. Develop a coherent body concept

If you already wear different tattoos, it is slowly taking time to find a concept: one Red thread connects all tattoo motifs on your body. The motifs should fit together both in terms of content and externally.

9. Be economical with spontaneous tattoo ideas

Every new tattoo idea must tire and thrive. At first, many pictures may look witty, the second, no longer. Spontaneous tattoo campaigns can become great life memories but should remain absolute exceptions.

10. Compare all alternatives

Have you decided on a motif? There are still stylistic questions to clarify: Do you like it minimalist or prefer to be in photo quality? No matter what style you choose for your tattoo, finish at least two different sketches or let yourself be shown alternative suggestions from the professional to ensure.

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