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best tattoo fonts

The best fonts for men’s tattoos are bold and easy to read while also being unique and fitting with the individual’s style. When choosing a font, it’s essential to consider the size of the tattoo and the placement on the body.

Some fonts may look great on paper but may not translate well onto skin, so it’s a good idea to try out a few different options before making a final decision. It’s also a good idea to look at font styles used in tattoos before, as this can give an idea of what works well and what doesn’t.

Some popular font choices for men’s tattoos include Old English, Gothic, and sans serif styles. Ultimately, the best font for a tattoo is one that the individual loves and feels represents their personality and style.

How To Choose A Font For A Tattoo That Looks Good

It’s crucial to ensure tattoo fonts don’t have too tight spacing. It is possible that the beautiful lettering will only be discernible after a few years as a single (black) bar if the spaces between the individual letters or numerals are too close together.

As they can overlap with time and become difficult to read, the letters and numbers should also have wide spacing between them. This is particularly true for little characters like “e” and “a,” but it can also happen quickly with numbers like “4” or “8.”

Of course, the font size and needle size you select always matter. As is always the case with tattooing, bigger is better because it also increases distances. This is why a professional tattoo artist should discourage his clients from getting a tattoo of lettering that is too small and will fade away quickly.

You have to work more steadily and precisely as the tattoo gets smaller. Black ink almost always engraves letters because it offers the best contrast and improves legibility and expressiveness.

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The 6 Best Tattoo Fonts For Words (Antiqua/Typefaces)

These fonts are rather simplistic and more accessible than tattoo fonts, which are easy to read. These fonts are particularly suitable if the message should be recognizable.

Our selection:

  • Calibri (Sans-Serif): Regarding legibility, the current classic Calibri (Sans-Serif) is beneficial. The font is less complicated than its relatives, Arial and Helvetica, and features wide spacing. It is the best all-purpose tool for lettering and numbers because of its straightforward shapes and simplicity.

calibri font

This typeface may only be used with a license that has been bought since a proprietary license covers it. Alternatively, you might use the open-source “Carlito” font instead.


  • Spectral Light (Serif): This font is ideal for fine line work. Unlike a “standard font,” this one is artistic and suitable for lettering and passages of multi-line text.



  • JMH Typewriter (Serif): The best tattoo font list should not be complete without a typewriter font. Because there are no flourishes or the like, this variant is ideal for tattooing. These fonts work well for short letters or single words (with a period at the end).



  • Something in the air (sans serif): A wonderfully universal font. It looks like it was handwritten with a marker and goes with anything. It is straightforward to read on a tattoo due to large spacing, but depending on the length of the text – requires some space.

something in the air


  • Letters for Learners (Sans-Serif): If you want it to be effortless and straightforward, this character set is just right. The font looks less mechanical and can be used universally, but it is most beautiful for short sentences and times.

letter for learners


  • Timeline (Serif): This font works exceptionally well with capital letters for single words. It is easy to tattoo thanks to the clear lines and large spacing within the letters, and thanks to the narrower letters.



5 Best Artistic Tattoo Fonts (Calligraphy)

Now it gets artistic and sophisticated. The following fonts each have their style and will add flair and a touch of emotion to your lettering.

These are our favorites:

  • Exmouth: This beautiful handwriting has an excellent flow and is universally applicable. 



  • Old London: A typical gothic typeface. The capital letters are richly decorated and appear monumental.

old london


  • Infinite Stroke: This font immediately looks like a modern love letter. Delicate flourishes underline the filigree nature of this font and give every word and sentence a bit of extra sweetness.

infinite stroke


  • Pacifico: This font immediately evokes holiday feelings. Therefore, the font is suitable for individual (city) names.



  • Ghastly Panic: This font is for everyone who likes it a little crasser. It looks tough but is still filigree and easy to read.



Custom lettering and script tattoos

Custom lettering In the case of lettering and script tattoos, nothing beats specially created fonts. Some tattoo artists have specialized in developing their typefaces or making very individual typefaces for their customers.

Alternative fonts

Experimenting is always fun. Old books provide great inspiration for creating your fonts. Or do you know these writing templates for children? These are also ideally suited for tattooing a font, as they work similarly to a stencil.

Maybe you know someone who has into maybe you know someone who has exciting handwriting suitable for tattooing.

Where can I find more fonts?

If you want to do some research on your own and discover your favorite fonts, The following sites find a variety of free and paid fonts:


We’ve featured some of the best fonts that are particularly good for tattoos. For example, any tattoo artist can use these fonts to tattoo a special message, a word, or a meaningful date. However, if it is supposed to be particularly artistic and legibility plays a subordinate role, custom lettering – specially created fonts – is the first choice, as creativity is not limited.

With lettering tattoos, care should be taken to ensure that the distances between and within the individual characters are always large enough so that the tattoo remains legible over a long period and does not slowly “grow together” and become unrecognizable.

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