What Are The Different Types Of Tattoo Styles in 2023

different types of tattoo styles

As we all know, tattooing is an ancient art that has existed for thousands of years. Nowadays, there are different techniques of tattoos everyone finds the tattoos that suit them best. This article will tell us about the different types of existing tattoo styles.

What Are The Different Types Of Tattoo Styles


As its name suggests, the “Old School” tattoo is one of the 1st styles that appeared on sailors about the 1920s*.

Thick lines characterize this style. Use four unique colors with black: green, red, yellow, and blue. Some patterns of this style are symbolic as the swallow, the skull, the anchor, or even the mermaid.

Impossible to talk about “Old School” tattoos without mentioning Sailor Jerry Collins. Famous US Navy sailor and tattoo artist. Sailor Jerry Collins develops his color pigments (he is the one who creates the color purple). He invents needle shapes that inject the dye with less damage to the skin. He is the 1st known tattoo artist to use disposable needles.

old school tattoo style


Primarily inspired by the previous style, the modernization of the Old School characterizes the “neo-traditional” kind of tattoo style.

We find the same themes, sea animals and women. Technically the details are more pronounced. The colors and shades are accentuated. The Japanese style is more modernized, called Neo-Japanese.

neo traditional style tattoo


The realism tattoo style is an artistic current that appeared during the second half of the 19th century.

This style is mainly represented by artists such as  Gustave Courbet in painting and Honoré de Balzac in literature. The purpose of this movement is to define life as it is. Technically realistic tattooing requires excellent precision.

realism style tattoo design

4. LE STYLE “CARTOON” Tattoo Style

The “cartoon” style was born in the 90s by re-interpreting and modernizing the patterns and codes of traditional tattooing. Technically, the outlines are worked, the colors are flashy, and the shapes are exaggerated. This style is inspired by urban culture and the world of graffiti °°.

le style cartoon tattoo

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Recognizable at first glance, the “blackwork” tattoo style is characterized, as its name suggests, by the exclusive use of black. We find this style in several universes: the tribal tattoo, the graphic tattoo, the ornamental, or the lettering °°°.

le style blackwork tattoo design

6. THE JAPANESE STYLEAccording to scientists, tattooing has been practiced in Japan for over 10,000 BC! At that time, it was used to show membership in a group or a trade.

The Japanese motifs symbolize the koi carp, the dragon, and the Hannya mask.

Regarding the colors, there are flat areas of black and always the same color palette: red, pink, yellow, and green.


The history of Polynesian tattooing is unique. The gods Ta’aroa and Mata Mata Arahu would have transmitted the tattooing technique to Men. It allowed them to differentiate themselves according to their roles within the tribe. Each pattern has a particular meaning.

The Polynesian tattoo comprises symbols (tiki, turtle, sun, marquise cross, lizard, manta ray, etc.). Each sign has a meaning.

THE "POLYNESIAN" STYLE tatoo design ideas

Final Thoughts:

Throughout this article, we notice different kinds of tattoo-style art responding to many different techniques-Tattoo in color, black and gray, realism, or caricature. Tattooing is an art in its own right that evolves.

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