Consequences of tattooing

Disadvantages Of Having A Tattoo-Consequences Of Tattoos

Tattoos have many associated consequences, as tattooing is an ancient art. It is challenging to find a person who does not have a design tattooed on their skin. However, tattoos are not always a bed of roses and are easy to perform. There are some disadvantages of having a tattoo; let’s discuss them in detail in this post.

In addition, it is essential to choose a good professional and a qualified studio to perform the procedure. Because that way, you will significantly minimize the possible risks associated with the tattoo and the chances of you regretting it after some time.

If you intend to get a tattoo, you must know the risks involved in getting a tattoo and know how to avoid them. Below, we list the main risks that can happen in the act of being tattooed and the possible side effects that can arise after being tattooed.

Check out the risks associated with tattooing


There is a risk of blood infections, so most hospitals and blood donation centers require you to wait a year before you can donate blood again to ensure that the blood is clean.

When unsterilized needles and equipment are used, diseases such as hepatitis can spread. To avoid infection, tattoo machines must be sterilized, and needles and gloves must be disposable.

The tattooed areas must be adequately protected during the first two weeks to prevent infection through bacteria.

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Removal problems

Removing a tattoo is not a superficial treatment; it is also long and painful. It is best to use the laser technique when erasing an unwanted design. In addition to the laser, several other techniques exist to remove a tattoo. However, they are excruciating methods, and some can leave a scar.

To give you an idea, laser tattoo removal can take about a year to complete. The excision method ( surgery to remove a tattoo ) can be done in just one session, but you will get a scar as a gift.

Therefore, it is imperative that you select the design well and, above all, the tattoo artist who will carry out the work. This will minimize any regrets later on.

Allergic reactions

One of the rarest tattoo-associated risks is allergic reactions caused by ink pigments. The reactions can, however, be severe when they occur.

Since the pigment is deposited directly into the deeper layers of the skin, removal is more complicated. Furthermore, tattoos can cause allergic reactions over time.


A tattoo pigment can cause these lumps because the body perceives them as foreign.

Keloid formation

Keloids or hypertrophic scars can form at any time – if you are prone to this genetic defect, you are injured or need surgery. However, it is not caused by the fact of being tattooed.

Complications with MRI

Some reports that tattooed or permanent makeup people have experienced swelling or burning in the tattooed areas during MRI treatment. It rarely happens, and supposedly the effects are quick.

There are also reports that the pigments in the design interfered with the quality of an MRI image. This mostly happens when a person with permanent eyeliner gets an MRI of their eyes.

These effects may occur because some pigments have metallic components in their composition.

But don’t worry, if your doctor asks you to do an MRI, do it without fear; the risks are more significant if you don’t do it for fear of the tattoo. As opposed to avoiding having an MRI, tattooed people should inform the radiologist or technician to take precautions to avoid complications.

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