Striking Egyptian Tattoos Symbols And Meanings

Egyptian tattoo

Striking Egyptian tattoos are a popular choice for those interested in ancient cultures and mythology. These tattoos feature a variety of symbols and designs that are rich in meaning and history. Egyptian tattoo symbols can include gods and goddesses such as Anubis, Horus, and Isis and animals such as cats and cobras.

The Eye of Ra, Ankh, and scarab are popular symbols in Egyptian tattoo design. It is possible to have these tattoos done in various styles, from traditional to more modern, and on any part of the body.

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The meaning and symbolism of Egyptian tattoos:

Egyptian tattoos can have a wide range of meanings depending on the images they contain. These are some of the most admired Egyptian tattoo designs by tattoo admirers:

Egyptian tattoos

  • The eye of Horus or the look of the tattoo artist Ra means protection;
  • The Ankh cross design represents eternal life and wisdom;
  • Hieroglyphs, each with their meaning;
  • The god of Anubis is dead;
  • The Egyptian Bennu Phoenix means resurrection;
  • The scarab tattoo symbolizes renewal and creation;
  • The Egyptian goddess Bastet tattoo symbolizes joy and affection;
  • The Sphynx and the pyramids as the most recognizable symbols of Egypt;
  • Motherhood, marriage, and protection were the responsibilities of Isis;
  • The Pharaoh’s tattoo is a representation of power and leadership;
  • Queen Nefertiti incorporates female power and progress;
  • King Tut’s tattoo denotes passion and a craving for pleasure;
  • The mummy tattoo features beliefs in life after death.

Consider adding complementary details and designs to increase the symbolism or make your tattoo look even better.

Here are some options for you:

  • The sun and the moon
  • Sand, dunes, and palm trees;
  • Night sky with stars;
  • Floral or tribal patterns, etc.

The characteristics of Egyptian tattoos The first thing is that you should think a lot about your future tattoo because they will stay with you forever. Tattoos should reflect your personality while being exciting and beautiful. Despite their universality, Egyptian tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

Besides black and white, there are several color models to choose from. Artists suggest placing larger images to get the best results for placement on the body’s back, thigh, sleeves, and sides. Smaller inks look good on the wrist, shoulder, calf, neck, etc. In terms of styles, Egyptian tattoos are available in many different types, such as

  • Hyperrealism, realism or 3D;
  • Graphic or geometric style
  • Old school, new school, or traditional;
  • Dotwork or Linework.

1. Unusual Retro Egyptian Tattoo

Made in black with intense shading, this UFO half-bird tattoo represents some people who believe that the ancient Egyptians were extraterrestrials.

Unusual Retro Egyptian Tattoo

2. Fantastic Egyptian God Anubis Tattoo

The tattoo depicts Anubis with the dog’s head and the human body on a black background with a starry sky in the environment. Truly an impressive piece!

Fantastic Egyptian God Anubis Tattoo

3. Beautiful Cleopatra Tattoo

The most famous woman in history is Cleopatra, a pharaoh from Egypt. Her mysteriously beautiful jewel-encrusted portraits have become a popular tattoo motif.

Beautiful Cleopatra Tattoo

4. Super Cool Egyptian Forearm Tattoo

This luxurious forearm tattoo depicting a beautiful girl wearing the Tut Pharaoh mask is truly impressive. The predominant golden color points to the symbolism of royalty and leadership.

5. Interesting Black and White Egyptian Arm Tattoo

Two images of Nefertiti have been superimposed on the profile and full face to create a unique forearm tattoo. We admit that the idea and its realization as a tattoo are exceptional.

6. Spotted in Color Egyptian Art Tattoo

Presented in traditional, this Egyptian half-sleeve is brightly colored and beautifully crafted. We can see a pretty girl in the role of Anubis with a beetle under her face.

7. Egyptian Huge Butt Tattoo

Anubis was supposed to take care of the souls that died. Combined with the Ankh cross, the Anubis tattoo is placed on the back, which is the perfect place because Anubis will watch over and protect the wearer.

8. Stunning Egyptian Bird Tattoo

Horus was the Egyptian god of the sky and was often depicted as a falcon or an eagle. This impressive tattoo composition also shows the eye of Horus or the eye of Ra, which is a symbol of protection of all kinds.

9. Cabin Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Regarding panoramic images, nothing works better than animals with human facial features. This drawing of the Egyptian cat’s forearm looks quite unusual and exciting.

10. Symbolic Egyptian Chest Tattoo

Only those with hearts as light as feathers were supposed to have entry to the afterlife. As a reminder to do more good deeds, the wearer was signed with this chest tattoo showing the weighing process of the judge goddess Maat.

11. Egyptian Ankh Cross Tattoo

The Egyptian cross, also known as the Ankh, is tattooed on the forearm with a sacred scarab. This tattoo is suitable for all as it Symbolizes eternal life and protection.

12. The Exclusive Custom Egyptian Eye Tattoo

There are plenty of reasons to go crazy after Ancient Egypt mythology. Symbolism is one of them. It looks like an ordinary eye but represents the sun god Ra and means protection.

13. Equal Egyptian Goddess Tattoos

Two Egyptian goddesses, Bastet with a cat’s head and Tefnut with a lion’s head, both with sexy female bodies, are depicted with a single color on both forearms.

14. Awesome Egyptian Gods Chest Tattoo

This stunning black and gray tattoo masterpiece shows off two of the most powerful gods in the Egyptian pantheon: Ra and Anubis. The sun and the moon are tattooed to denote the harmony between opposites.

15. Colorful Neo-Traditional Egyptian Hand Tattoo 

We love how a tattoo master played with colors in this particular Anubis tattoo. The patron god of the underworld is depicted aggressively roaring, crowned by the golden beetle.

16. Black Ankle Tattoo Egyptian Hieroglyphs

It was believed that Horus, the eagle-headed sky god, sacrificed his eye in battle. The Eye of Horus has become a symbol of protection and is widely used in tattoos.

17. Egyptian Culture-Inspired Sketch Tattoo

This sketch-like portrait of a Nefertiti tattoo on the half sleeve with pale orange and blue colors and clear outlines overwhelms and inspires with its beauty.

18. Royal Egyptian King and Queen Tattoo

The kings and queens of ancient Egypt were considered true gods on earth. Nefertiti and Tut’s black and gray tattoos beautifully depicted on the chest are connected by the symbol of eternal life, Ankh.

19. Stunning Egyptian Pharaoh Tattoo

The realistic sepia image of King Tut with pyramids and the night sky full of shining stars is brilliantly depicted in the half sleeve.

20. Super Colorful Egyptian Princes Tattoo

If you’re looking for something modern, sign up for the Egyptian Queen Neo-Traditional Tattoo. This half-sleeve looks impressive with its bold outlines, intense color palette, and soft shading!

21. Beautiful Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo

This fantastic composition of calf tattoos, including the Ankh cross, pyramids at sunset, watchdogs, and Egyptian hieroglyphics, is completed with a rope that wraps around the image of the tattoo.

22. Beautiful Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Tattoo

The tattoo that shows the famous bust of Nefertiti is admired by fans of Egyptian history. This stunning neo-traditional tattoo depicts Nefertiti in all her beauty.

23. Black Egyptian Queen Tattoo

Here is another more beautiful example of a Nefertiti bust tattoo outlined with bold and dark shading. We love how a tattoo artist decorated the ink with tender florets.

24. Creative Egyptian Shoulder Tattoo

Those who crave pleasure and wealth may be interested in tattooing one of the most significant figures among the Egyptian pharaohs, King Tutankhamun. Together with the Ankh cross, create a beautiful tattoo.

25. Spectacular Egyptian Sphinx Half-Sleeve Tattoo

The Sphinx is a colossal stone statue meant to protect the pyramidal tombs of great pharaohs. The Sphinx can be an excellent idea for a tattoo due to its lion body and a human head.

26. Egyptian Style Shoulder Tattoo

Egypt inspired this fantastic and colorful shoulder tattoo with many different elements, among which is the god with the jackal head Anubis, the eye of Horus, the pyramids, the palms, and the sarcophagus of Pharaoh with all his wealth.

27. Awesome Egyptian Gods with Sun Long Sleeve Tattoo

This stunning full-cover art depicts the Egyptian gods that look like comic book characters. The highly detailed, well-lined, and masterfully colored tattoo with images of Horus, Anubis, and Bastet perfectly complements the massive sun disk that was sacred to the Egyptians.

28. Light Egyptian Tattoo Sleeve

Ancient Egypt inspired this fantastic black and gray manga, which contains images of the falcon god Horus and his eye, Queen Nefertiti, the scarab, the death mask of King Tit, and the pharaohs impressed with their realistic realization.

29. Cute Egyptian Tattoo for Girls

The rosy-cheeked beauty should be Cleopatra, whose neo-traditional portrait tattoo finds its place on the thigh. We want to highlight your eye of Horus’s makeup element, which is not very noticeable but quite significant.

30. Dotwork Egyptian Tattoo for Women

We like the idea of ​​the light shoulder Dotwork tattoo depicting the Egyptian Goddess Mut with the vulture headdress representing motherhood and love. It sounds amazing!

31. Egyptian Themed Forearm Tattoo 

The colorful Egyptian forearm tattoo depicts an unusual duo of deities with Seth, the god of violence, and Sekhmet, the goddess of war, desert, and fire. Sekhmet is depicted with the sun disk and the head of a lion. However, Set has an unidentified animal head.

32. Weird but Striking Egyptian Tribal Tattoo

Samoan tribal patterns, in combination with tribal beetles, look good, although you have to be very careful with these types of tattoos. It’s not a complete no-no, but Samoans are jealous of their tattoo culture.

33. Phenomenal Egyptian Deity Isis Tattoo with Wings

Tattooed in black and white and well placed on the inner forearm, this tattoo depicting an Egyptian Goddess, Isis, with her bird wings spread and her throne touched, looks stunning.

34. Colorific Egyptian Script and Sarcophagus Tattoo

Getting tattooed with a beautiful and colorful tattoo of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus decorated with Egyptian scriptures is a unique way to perpetuate the legacy of ancient Egypt, one of the most exciting and mysterious cultures in human history.

35. Amazing Egyptian God Ra Tattoo

However, lacking bright colors, this tattoo is alluring. The first thing that stands out is a good combination of the god maker with the head of Ra Falcon and the Eye of Horus tattoo.

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36. Remarkable Egyptian Little Finger Tattoo Finger

This small but well-aligned and shaded finger ring features a reasonably realistic image of the famous PPharaoh Tutankhamun, well, if more accurate, the image of the funerary mask.

37. Sacred Egyptian Beetle Tattoo

If you are looking for a positive tattoo, give this awesome winged beetle a shot. The dung beetle represents rebirth since it was believed to be the one who rolled the sun across the sky. Both the Ankh cross and this tattoo provide the wearer with security.

38. Sketch-like Egyptian Silhouette Tattoo

Done with bold black color and intricate interweaving of lines, this sketch tattoo of Anubis is gorgeous and refined.

39. Marvelous Egyptian Horus and Anubis Tattoo

The successful combination of powerful symbols is taken from Egyptian mythology and materialized in a tattoo. The ink features Horus and Anubis joined by the Ankh cross that breathes eternal life into the wearer’s skin.

40. Egyptian Dotwork Tattoo on Wrist

If you are a true fan of ancient Egypt and looking for a unique tattoo design, pay attention to this fantastic Anubis Dotwork with Eye of Horus tattoo, which means protection.

41. Dream-Like Egyptian Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo with triangular elements in this image honors one of the most revered Egyptian kings, Tutankhamun. People worshipped him as a god throughout his life.

42. Multicolored Egyptian Beetle Neck Tattoo

Incredibly vibrant and colorful, this gooseneck tattoo is one of our favorites. The beetle was a sacred insect of the ancient Egyptians. People believed that the beetle rolled the dung ball just as the god Khepri moved the sun across the sky.

43. Hyper-Realistic Egyptian Foot Tattoo

The incredibly realistic image of Pharaoh Tut wrote on the calf. The predominant black tint and dark shading create a mysterious appearance that takes your breath away!

44. Trendy Black Egyptian Tattoo

The most recognizable Egyptian tattoo is of Anubis. Made up of bold black outlines and soft dark shading, this dead-headed god of the dead tattoo is one good one you can write with!

45. Detailed Egyptian Horus Tattoo

This charming tattoo shows Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky, who usually took the form of a falcon. Depicted with the Eye of Horus and the Ankh Cross, the Horus tattoo celebrates the culture of ancient Egypt.

46. Neo-Traditional Egyptian Thigh Tattoo

Inspired by the Egyptian god with the head of a dead dog Anubis, this neotraditional tattoo is fantastic. Unlike Egyptian frescoes, which simultaneously show a side view and a profile view, the thigh tattoo depicts Anubis aggressively staring directly at you.

47. Realistic Black and Gray Egyptian Tattoo

We especially love this female pharaoh tattoo piece’s black and gray realism style. Although there is so much more behind this ink, the visual image makes us fall in love with it repeatedly. Good tattoo!

48. Colorful Living Egyptian God Sobek Tattoo

Sobek was the Egyptian god of the Nile and crocodiles, so he was depicted with a crocodile head. It was thought that he created the world and made the mighty Nile River sweat. This traditional tattoo is Sobek fantastic.

49. Beautiful Egyptian Goddess in the Back

This stunning multicolored back tattoo reveals the beauty of the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice Ma’at, who sits in a frying pan with outstretched wings.

50. Awesome Egyptian Dog Tattoo

This tattoo owner combined his passions: his favorite pet and his interest in Egyptian culture. As a result, the French bulldog tattoo was created in the role of Pharaoh.

51. Cute Cartoonish Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Cats, especially black ones, were sacred animals for the ancient Egyptians. The cat was considered to represent the moon goddess Bastet. This cartoon-like Egyptian cat ink on the calf is genuinely unique!

52. Vibrant in Egyptian Color Tattoo

As a custom work, this fantastic shoulder tattoo shows off a group of ancient Egyptian elements such as the pyramids, the Ankh, the sun, and the supreme god Ra illustrated as a falcon.

53. Cool, Colorful Egyptian Chest Tattoo

Saturated with color and comic style, this New School chest tattoo with images of Anubis and Pharaoh mummies celebrates the mysterious culture of ancient Egypt in all its beauty.

54. Stunning King Tut Tattoo Mask

A tattoo of the mask of King Tut, a symbol of leadership, is on this arm because pharaohs were considered gods with plenipotentiary powers.

As pharaohs were considered gods with plenipotentiary power, he had the mask of King Tut on his arm, representing his management and leadership abilities.

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