8 Ideas For Viking Men Tattoos

viking men tattoo

Today, we discuss a new tattoo trend for men: Viking men’s tattoos! An ultra-virile man tattoo that continues to grow and gives a rather original style, masculine and, above all, loaded with symbolism. So, if you are curious to learn more about the Viking man tattoo and the meanings of Viking tattoos, read our article to learn a little more!

Who are the Vikings?

For those who had forgotten their history lesson or had not read the Asterix comics when they were little, the Vikings are those brave warriors whose history we learn at school. Vikings represent the Scandinavian people of several centuries (from the 8ᵉ century to the 11ᵉ century).

Vikings Reputation:

They established their reputation by exploring Europe, Asia, and the North Pacific. They are well-known for their trade, colonization, and advanced navigation system for reaching distant lands and discovering new lands.

Vikings are pretty fierce warriors, unafraid of violence and fearless of anything. They are great fighters. In recent years, Vikings have been particularly popular after successful series such as “Vikings” or other derivatives of the famous story of Ragnar.

In books, films, and television series, the famous Vikings are representing as muscular, virile men with tattoos all over their bodies. Thus, we imagine brave tribes that have an exceptional style that makes them stand out. But did the Vikings have tattoos on their bodies

It is a hard fact to prove! The Vikings are famous, and this year, we have seen the Viking hairstyle trend for men and that of the Viking man tattoo.

viking tattoo emergence

Which Viking Man Tattoo to Choose?

There are many symbols unique to the Vikings. Among the best-known are the signs that could be found attractive in modern men’s tattoos.

Please read this: wrist tattoo.

1.The Viking’s compass or “vegvisir”

This kind of compass (or compass) is an Icelandic symbol that the Vikings appropriated. The revisit was a spiritual guide for men and women searching for answers. We turned to him to be closer to the gods and let ourselves be guided to take the right path. It will make a perfect men’s wrist tattoo.

The Viking's compass or vegvisir

2. The tree of Life

The Viking Tree of Life is a sacred tree that houses the gods and goddesses of many Norse legends. It is seen as the invisible thread between the nine worlds. A sign of prosperity, longevity, and divinity, it will make the perfect Viking man tattoo in black and white or in color.

tree life tattoo

3. Viking letter tattoo for men

They used their alphabet to communicate with the gods. This alphabet was called the futhark. It uses them today to produce magnificent Viking tattoo designs worn alone or combined with other symbols.

viking letter tattoo

4. Thor’s hammer as protector and power

It is also called the valknut tattoo. It is the hammer of Thor, the god of war. He is associated with the God Odin, who rules Valhalla. As a tattoo, it represents protection and power. It is a typically male tattoo.

thor hammer tattoo

5. The Valkyrie Tattoo

The Valkyrie is the warrior who serves Odin. She is powerful. It also symbolizes justice, family, and perseverance.

The Valkyrie Tattoo

6. The Crows

In Norse mythology, Odin has two crows on each of his shoulders. These are the eyes and ears of god, and nothing escapes them. It is, therefore, a very powerful man-bird tattoo for those interested in the meaning of Viking tattoos. Above all, they represent knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes the crow is also equated with an omen of future death as they accompany warriors on battlefields.
The Viking raven tattoo is interesting because it can be tattooed alone or with other Viking symbols. It’s ideal for large back, arms, or torso tattoos. Ravens are also present in Celtic culture and Greek mythology.

crow tattoo

7. The longships

Longships are the longships used for travel by the Vikings. Majestic, robust, and solid, these boats symbolize the strength and character of the Scandinavian people as they cross the seas and oceans. The Viking Drakkar tattoo is perfect for a Viking symbol or a symbol related to the sea. It can also symbolize your ability to weather storms and trials in Life.

longship tattoo

8. Odin’s triple horn

In Viking culture, Odin’s horn is a symbol of wisdom that embodies the Norse god Odin. This symbol even has something poetic about it and is a real sign of commitment to his faith in Odin. It can be a small, medium, or large tattoo on the shoulder, the upper arm, or the wrist.

odin triple horn tattoo

Where to get a Viking tattoo for men?

The great thing about Viking tattoos for men is that they can be done anywhere on the body. Face tattoos and male tattoos on the neck, hips, and arms in all body areas are possible. We recommend the Viking tattoo on the back for a big Viking tattoo. However, Viking tattoos on the torso and forearms are also popular.

This year, the multiple tattoos incorporating different Viking symbols are also aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. And what about you? What is your favorite Viking tattoo? 

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