Mens Neck Tattoo Design ideas-Perfect 3 Choices

men neck tattoo

Do you dream of a tattoo on your neck, but you haven’t taken the plunge yet? A tattoo on the neck deserves careful consideration. The man’s tattoo is visible because it is located on the neck. It is therefore fully assumed since it is exposed to all. It is also a concern for those who fear excessive pain during tattooing. However, the man neck tattoo is more and more widespread. He signs a singular style with a form of freedom of expression.

What tattoo man makes on the neck? Does it hurt? How much does it cost? What ideas for neck tattoo designs for men? Here is a guide on neck tattoos to help you pass the course (or not)!

Are you ready for a neck tattoo?

Are you still hesitating because of its exposed area for all to see? The neck tattoo is indeed one of the most visible tattoos, which is immediately noticeable. So be prepared for the curious looks of people around you when you get this area of ​​the body tattooed.

A neck tattoo is almost impossible to hide. Also, this is not a tattoo that is done lightly. It must have been carefully considered to be sure that we will assume it throughout his life.

He gives a little rebellious air because of his audacity. Indeed, not everyone will dare to get a tattoo on the neck!

Does the neck tattoo hurt?

This question plagues people who want to get a neck tattoo. Is it more painful than another part of the body? The pain is perceptible to everyone. However, it must be recognized that the neck is an area where the skin is thin, and the sensitivity will necessarily be higher than on a man’s tattoo of the forearm, hand, foot, back, etc.

The pain also varies depending on the type of design of your tattoo. Is there a lot of ink and fill or not? The position of the tattoo on the neck also influences the pain. A tattoo on the front of the neck at the throat level is more difficult to bear (there are many nerve endings there). The sides are less painful.

How much does a neck tattoo cost?

The price of tattoos varies significantly from one tattoo artist to another. It also depends on the size of your tattoo and its intricacy. For a minimalist or medium-sized neck tattoo, count well between 80 and 150 €. On the other hand, for a more elaborate tattoo that requires several hours of work to fill in a large area on the front and sides, you will have to increase your budget considerably. Ask your tattoo artist or a recommended tattoo artist for a quote.

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What type of man neck tattoo to get?

1. The discreet man’s neck tattoo

Getting a neck tattoo does not mean you no longer have a visible part of your skin. It can be a minimal, understated tattoo that stays completely understated. The tattoo trends are in writing. In a beautiful typology of your choice, you can make a discreet tattoo on the sides of the neck. This very manly tattoo is more easily wearable than an XXL tattoo that takes the entire neck.

Those who prefer symbols can also be a totem animal, a flower, a geometric character, or a characteristic sign of your personality. Either way, it’s best to do it slightly positioned at the sides and not right in the middle of the neck if it’s on its own.

discreet men neck tattoo

2. Eagle neck tattoo

This is probably the most common neck tattoo in the world. Very masculine, this type of tattoo highlights the style. He brings a good dose of virility, audacity and a rebellious attitude. By achieving an eagle in the neck or eagle wings, you show that your body belongs to you and you fully identify with the power of the eagle, this powerful totem animal.

The wings are generally made from the center to each side of the neck. The tattoo can then be embellished with different patterns, which makes it even more stylish and trendy. Know that the eagle is an animal associated with power, domination, and physical strength. It is, therefore, not insignificant for a tattoo.

A variation is to make a crow tattoo on the neck. It is a bird whose symbolism is powerful, especially among the Celts, but also for Viking men’s tattoos.

eagle neck tattoo

3. Rose Neck Tattoo

The rose is a flower with multiple meanings. It’s positioning on a man’s neck contrasts with femininity and masculinity very interesting. Therefore, a man who gets a rose tattoo on his neck assumes his sensitive side without losing masculinity. On the contrary, men’s rose tattoos are very sexy when positioned on the neck. In color or black and white, more or less significant, the rose can be tattooed alone or placed inside a tattoo.

Rose neck tattoo

Some inspiration ideas for your neck tattoos:

  • The wolfman neck tattoo 
  • The Japanese man’s neck tattoo
  • The phrase man neck tattoo
  • mandala tattoo
  • tribal man tattoo
  • The tattoo of a letter or a date
  • The flower tattoo

In summary

  • In terms of style, we do not recommend the crown man tattoo; a little too overrated and much less fashionable than a few years ago. Better a discreet writing or symbol type tattoo or, conversely, a maxi tattoo assumed with a bad boys style!
  • The neck tattoo is more painful than the rest of the body because of its area. The skin is thinner there and the nerve endings are numerous.
  • Before taking the step, you must have thought it through carefully because it will be difficult to camouflage if you don’t like it anymore!

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