What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

Butterfly Tattoo Design and Meaning

For those who love or want to know the exact meaning of a butterfly tattoo, we have brought many inspirations (between and at the end of the article), and of course, we will tell you the truth. Scroll the animal and a lot of tattoos from there.

History Of Butterfly Tattoo

history of butterfly tattoo

Every time a butterfly emerges from its egg, a new human soul is born in Greece. In Ireland, individuals accept that butterflies are the spirits of the dead holding back from going through limbo. In Chinese and Japanese culture, butterflies have been used for centuries as symbols of joy and happiness.

Butterflies Myths:

They are also associated with the Holocaust. The concentration camps had areas for children, and the walls of these camps were covered with paintings of butterflies. Knowing that they will die, the children decide to leave a message of hope. Although their bodies will not live, their souls will continue to die in the form of butterflies.

As you can see, these are more than beautiful designs and tattoos; they can have many unique meanings. “Butterflies are considered a symbol of change. Among other things, it represents happiness, beauty, insecurity, the transformation of nature, and renewal.

The parts of this bug (caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly) mean life, death, and resurrection, that is, the Christian metamorphosis. Also, a butterfly tattoo can mean freedom. But all this can be different, depending on the color of the butterfly.

Meaning of butterfly tattoo 

These are responsible for bringing joy and happiness.

Blue butterfly tattoo meaning :

This term refers to metamorphosis and, therefore, to the changes that happen throughout a person’s life, from physical to social (career change, marriage, birth). It is often regarded as a good luck symbol.

Meaning of the black butterfly tattoo :

They are said to be the messengers of death and even represent the return of witches.

Yellow butterfly tattoo meaning :

It symbolizes new life and represents the water flower, whose predominant color is yellow.

Meaning of the white butterfly tattoo 

It represents calmness, peace, and tranquility. “The butterfly is an image of the renaissance of current therapy, addressed by the butterfly’s wings.”

Greek folklore, a lady with butterfly wings addresses the human spirit. As per well-known Greek conviction, the soul leaves the body as a butterfly when an individual passes on.

In Japan, the butterfly is an image of the geisha and addresses the female (ladylike), as it is connected with light, thoughtfulness, and beauty.

Butterfly tattoos inspiration

butterfly tattoo inspiration

Butterfly Tattoo inspiration

butterfly tattoo inspiration

Butterfly tattoo: 30 trendy options for you to bet

This design is a trend that never ends, as there are designs one more beautiful than the other! That’s why we’ve separated the most modern models for you to bet on a stylish butterfly tattoo. Check out.

butterfly tattoo design

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Butterfly tattoo – thin line

Bet on the thin-line tattoo for those who want to invest in a more delicate and alternative look! These tattoos have been successful with their modern and subtle design, leaving the look super graceful and beautiful.

thin line tattoo

Butterfly tattoo – minimalist

With a very similar footprint to fine-line tattoos, minimalist tattoos are a good alternative for those who are going to get their first tattoo and are afraid to take a risk on a large design.

butterfly tattoo minimalist

Butterfly tattoo – colorful

A colorful butterfly tattoo is always beautiful and graceful because it can’t get more authentic and realistic, right? Look that!

color full butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo – watercolor style

Another successful tattoo style is the watercolor effect. A fun and artistic option to bet on a colorful tattoo and match the delicacy of a butterfly, right?

butterfly tattoo with waterflower

Butterfly tattoo – with flowers

The butterfly with the flower looks grim and beaten. But here we show you that this type of design can be super modern and cool too! Look at these tattoos that mix flowers with the butterfly wing.

butterfly tattoo with waterflower

Butterfly tattoo – alternative designs

There are countless ways to bet on a butterfly tattoo, so we’ve separated some more charming designs to inspire you. Take a look!

butterfly tattoo alternative designs

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