How To Build A Tattoo Machine At Home-2023

tattoo machine

You will need an electric or similar motor of the rotary type that runs on at least 12 volts; 18 volts is ideal. The engine will have a small shaft projecting from the center. You will need superglue to attach a small button with four holes to the shaft.

What are the steps to making a tattoo machine, and how does it work?

  • The energy passes through two coils of copper wire, generating electromagnetic forces that pull the beater downwards.
  • Along with the front spring, the relay switch controls the electrical current.
  • Thus, the coils are demagnetized, and the needle is pulled back, restarting the process.

Do you know how to make a tattoo without a machine?

Professionals from São Paulo use only needles, dispensing with electricity, to create the designs. This is hand poked, something like “hand skewered” in English. The method, which is taking its first steps in the country, has also spread to the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Do you know how to make a tattoo without a machine

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How to make a chain tattoo machine?

To assemble one of these devices, you will need several everyday objects. Among them, we have a paperclip (to serve as a needle), a pen (for the ink), batteries (to make the device work), and rubber bands (to allow the device to move).

Which tattoo machine is the best?

Best Rotary Tattoo Machines of 2023


How to make a tattoo machine coil?

Allow the yarn to wrap around the bobbin for the desired number of layers and stop the machine. Wrap the coil with electrical tape to hold the wires in place, then cut the wire to release the loop. The starting wire strand must be stretched upwards and secured by tape. Finally, please remove it from the machine.

How to make a tattoo machine coil

Is there a way to get a tattoo without a needle?

Needle-free tattooing Compared to traditional tattooing techniques, whether manual or automated, micro-jetting minimizes skin damage, and injection efficiency is higher – and there is no risk of contaminated needles.

What are chain tattoos?

Meaning of Chain Tattoos: Dots on Hands

  • One Point: Pickpocket in public transport and busy places
  • Colon: Rapist
  • Three Points without a triangle shape: Dealer
  • Four Points: Robbery
  • Five Points: Theft
  • Ten Points forming a Cross: Murderers and Gang Leaders


Building a tattoo machine at home can be a fun and rewarding project for those interested in tattooing. It’s important to remember to use caution and follow safety protocols when working with tools and electrical components.

The first step is to gather the necessary materials and tools, including a coil, armature bar, front spring, rear spring, tube vice, and ink. Next, the coil and armature bar should be assembled, followed by the front and rear springs. The tube vice should then be attached to the machine frame, followed by the ink tube.

Once all the components are assembled, the tattoo machine should be tested to ensure that it works properly. With some knowledge and suitable materials, building a functional tattoo machine at home is possible.

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