best friend tattoo design

30 Deep And Meaningful Matching Tattoos Ideas For Best Friends

Do you want a best friend deep tattoo but don’t know where to start? We will help you. In this article, we tried to cover all the information you want to know about best friends’ tattoo designs and tattoo trends and know the meaning of the latest tattoo designs.

The best friend is the person who never betrays you and someone you trust the most. Mostly your views on most aspects of life match, and you both like to spend time together. We advise you to design your best friend’s tattoo that excites and honors your friendship.

To find the most attractive and meaningful best friend tattoo design, you have to read this article till the end to know all the trendy and meaningful, inspiring designs.

best friend tattoo design

Why put a best friend tattoo?

Friendship plays a vital role in our lives. There can be no joy in life without friends. Additionally, it gives our lives meaning and helps us prove our human worth. Friendship was nearly always asserted by a blood oath in ancient times. Nowadays, it is more humane to get a tattoo of your best friend. There are a few reasons to do this:

  • First, it’s an opportunity to show your friend respect;
  • Second, you can value your friendship this way
  • It’s a way to gather new experiences;
  • Getting to know each other better.

Significant Points to Consider Before Getting Ink Buddy Tattoos

Since getting a tattoo is still a tough decision, there are a few things to consider before getting one. Check these points to make sure you’re doing everything right. 

Choose tattoo style

The body art style is the main thing when choosing any best friend’s tattoo design. Do you want colored, black&white or gray ink? Do you like old and traditional designs or futuristic biomechanical tattoos? Surf the net, do the research, and discuss it with your friend to make a joint solution.

choose tattoo styles

The placement and size of the friend’s tattoo

The next step is to choose the location. You can select any part for art, but I Practically observed that the most important part are the arms and wrists. Here are some suitable options:

  • Fingers
  • Clavicle and the shoulder blade
  • The side of the chest
  • Ankles
  • Toes

The size depends on the chosen area, the design, and the desire to hide or make the tattoo loud. In addition, it is possible to find suitable formats for different placements and sizes if you have opposite preferences.

Tattoos don’t have to be identical.

The best buddy tattoo conveys the idea of matching tattoos on the skin of two or more persons. It makes sense, and there are numerous designs of this kind. However, having a tattoo of your best buddy that features diverse graphics but conveys a meaningful message or summarises a tale is possible.

How will it differ from that

How your tattoos will contrast is arguably one of the most critical factors you should consider. You’re not spending all your time with your buddies, which is why. As a result, the image needs to be complete and self-contained. For this, compact, simple designs will work.

Enjoy the experience

And last but not least is that you must enjoy the process. It’s some adventure for you. These emotions of waiting for the outcome can strengthen your friendship and add some spice to your life.

enjoy the experience

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best friends’ tattoo designs

Regarding tattoo design, it can be challenging to wish which one is perfect. We mainly want a beautiful design with a profound meaning and impeccable performance. 

It would be best if you chose a talented tattoo artist who meets your requirements and represents any idea.

And this is even more important when discussing best friend’s tattoos, as they should blend in perfectly and look great individually. Therefore, here we have gathered the best ideas for drawings of best friends and described their meanings.

pinky promise tattoo

The pinky promise is not just a child’s game but also a gesture with an ancient history. Crossed pinkies signify loyalty and indissolubility. It also means a guarantee of friendship. A person must cut off his finger if he breaks the promise. It is a suitable design that shows your deep relationship.

pinky promise tattoo

infinity friend tattoo

Infinity has neither a beginning nor an end. This unbroken line signifies a long friendship that lasts for years. Also, you can combine it with names, dates, and quotes. The most popular place is the first.

infinity friend tattoo

artistic tattoo

These designs are in fashion. They are delicate and look elegant. Figures are often combined with flowers for a smooth effect. This best friend tattoo design is suitable for girls.

animal’s best friend tattoo

Since the dolphin is the flora’s most sociable creature, and no one knows this, we can use it as a metaphor for friendship. The best friend of man, dogs, must not be overlooked. You and your buddies can choose any animal or a variety of animals to get tattoos on. The most important thing is that they flow naturally toward the concept.

Friends cartoon tattoos

Love and friendship are the significant motifs of all cartoons. You can use any pair of characters as a token of your friendship. It will be a good idea to make a best friend cartoon with colored paint to make it more fun.

Matching best friend tattoos

If you are looking for a best friend tattoo design, don’t forget this design. This design has two parts, one on you and the other one on your best friend; combining both complete it. As in life, separately, you are just two people, but together you are a force.

Best friend tattoo with deep and meaningful inscriptions

Any line from a song, movie, or book might serve as your friendship’s slogan. Some writings or words may be connected to memorable occasions that bring back feelings you two shared. Any typeface and location are available. The collarbone inscription also appears to be quite feminine and exciting.

Tattoos with the FRIENDS logo

This famous TV series is known to almost everyone. This film has brought to life the friendship that was established in it. It’s for this reason that the FRIENDS logo symbolizes real best friends. This design is suitable for two or more people.

funny best friends tattoos

Joy and fun are inherent in friendship. You always have something to do together. Best friend tattoos will remind you how good it is to spend time with your best moments.

Friends’ tattoos with minimal deep meaning and minimalist

Minimalism is always a good idea, especially when looking to get a best friend’s tattoo. Small sizes are prevalent lately. The advantage of this type is that you can choose any design that looks elegant and appropriate.

flower power

It’s enjoyable to give flowers to friends. So why not have a tattoo that represents them? The yellow rose, sunflower, and daisy are recognized as flowers of friendliness. However, you are free to select whomever you like and draw it in either color or black and white.

puzzle pieces

Everyone, at least once in his life, collects puzzles. And you realize that there are only a few combinations, and not all puzzles fit together. This design is considered just like a puzzle piece that fits in a puzzle your best friend fits you. You can place this design on your feet or ankles. Also, it’s a good idea to match best friend tattoos.

symbol of congruence

Congruence is harmony between you, your actions, and the people around you. If your friendship is on the same level of consistency, you can personify it in the best friend tattoo. The image will be minimalist but with deep meaning.

sister soul tattoos

Many times best friends become as similar as we can consider them as family members. Sistersoul tattoo is the most appropriate selection among other designs. You can compose with arrows or with an infinity sign. It is also a perfect choice for finger tattoos.

significant lotus design for best friend tattoo

The lotus flower symbolizes kindness, purity, wisdom, prudence, and generosity. You can put her skin together if you want the best of this world for your friends. It might take the form of a mandala or fit into a pattern.

Heart best friend tattoos

Love is a crucial component of friendship; therefore, getting a heart tattoo could be an excellent way to express your love for your best friend. The range of cardiac patterns is astounding. You can pick some who have anatomical or fingerprint prints. Or perhaps all you wear is a tiny red heart on your wrist.

space inspired best friend tattoos

A fantastic option for a best friend tattoo design may be space representing the vast and limitless world. You can pick anything, like the moon and sun, various star shapes, or even a spaceship.

Best friend tattoos for three and more

Two or more best friends are preferable to one best buddy. You should be aware that there are several tattoo alternatives. It may include writing, names, cartoon characters, or references to vegetarians.

significant numbers

Dates and numbers are crucial in our daily lives. There is always a deadline, a particular day, or just one of our favorite numbers. As a result, you can include them in a tattoo, particularly if you have dates with your closest friend. They may be combined with names, images, or stripes. Shaded black and white numbers are frequently used.

To infinity and beyond, best friend tattoo

This phrase with deep meaning is an associated plain image of affection and loyalty to your ally. You’ll be able to place it anyplace on your body, mix it with hearts or house signs, or build a sublime inscription on the facet of your chest. It is your alternative.


You can test your friendship in difficulty and joy and choose your best friend’s tattoo. We have collected many exciting and meaningful projects with friends to choose from. Check them out for inspiration. And do not forget that the quality of the tattoo depends not only on the type but also on the tattoo artist’s skill.


What best friend tattoo size is best suited?

The size of the tattoo depends on your design and area preferences, but small and medium tattoos look more graceful and elegant.

Are there any best friend tattoos for men?

There square measure several styles in androgynous vogue. Tattoos with animals, inscriptions, numbers, harmoniousness, and time square measure appropriate for each man and lady

What color symbolizes friendship?

Yellow is known as the color of friends. It’s lively and cheerful and the color of a positive person.

What are the most famous symbols of friendship?

There are many symbols of friendship. The most popular ones for best friends are infinity, two crossed arrows, and yin and yang symbols.

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